Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies on the Website
Cookies are normally used to enhance the website for the user, such as customizing the website according to the visitor's preferences and choices. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. This website uses cookies to track navigation streams at an overall level to develop the website in the future.

Cookies for Measurability and Analysis
We use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to analyze and improve the website, so you get the best experience. In addition, we use pixels from META (Facebook and Instagram), Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and sometimes from display providers. You can opt out of these cookies, but we appreciate it if you approve them. No personal data is collected, and IP addresses are anonymized.

Necessary Cookies
Some cookies are needed for the website's functionality and cannot be opted out of. The cookies in question are, for example, those that manage your choices regarding language on the website, whether you want to read content for parents or youth, and other cookies needed for the website to function as intended. These do not collect any personal data.

Special Information About Certain Cookies:

To target customized information on Facebook to devices that have visited our homepage. When you choose to share an article on Facebook, Facebook sets cookies in your browser. We do not have access to information about the recipient or what they do on Facebook. You can read more about Facebook's cookies here and choose not to receive customized information by changing your ad settings when logged into your Facebook account.

We use Google Analytics to analyze and develop our sites and apps. You can read more about Google Analytics cookies here; and about how to opt out of the continued use of such cookies here;

On some pages, we embed YouTube's video player to show videos available on YouTube. YouTube sets cookies on your computer when this happens. More information is available at