Our Initiative

Establishing Sweden's first fossil-free ammonia and fertiliser plant in Luleå, in connection with a separate cutting-edge hydrogen production plant in its infrastructure, Power2Earth stands at the forefront of Sweden’s green industrialisation. Based on 100% renewable energy sources in the production process, including fossil-free hydrogen for ammonia production, Power2Earth aims for the lowest possible emissions and carbon footprint. The foundation of Power2Earth is formed by the solid partnership between Fertiberia, Lantmännen and Nordion Energi, each contributing with expertise and industrial leadership in the fields of fossil-free mineral fertilisers, agriculture and hydrogen infrastructure development.

Three Driving Forces

Securing Sweden’s Food Supply Chain and Self-Sufficiency

With the potential to produce 1,000,000 tons of fossil-free mineral fertilisers annually, Power2Earth plays a crucial role in fostering Sweden’s self-sufficiency, reducing dependency on fertiliser imports, and accelerating domestic food production in Sweden. The Swedish government is enhancing food security through a revised national strategy, prioritising supply security through a revised national strategy, prioritising supply security and civil preparedness, including increased domestic food production designating Power2Earth as a key supplier of locally produced fossil-free mineral fertilisers.

Accelerating The Green Transition In The Agricultural Sector 

In Sweden, agriculture plays a notable role in greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 15% of total emissions in 2022. Aligned with Sweden’s ambitious climate objectives, the agricultural sector is on a mission to bid farewell to the use of fossil-based fertilisers by 2040. Introducing a sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers, Power2Earth’s renewable hydrogen-based fertiliser production technology, is set to fast-track the green transition in the agricultural sector.

Driving Regional Growth And Industrial Diversification 

Power2Earth is reshaping Norrbotten's traditional industries by introducing fossil-free mineral fertiliser production through innovative technology, fostering regional growth and diversification. The deployment of hydrogen infrastructure, connecting Power2Earth’s production facilities, represents a pioneering leap in Sweden's hydrogen infrastructure development. This visionary move not only sets the stage for long-term industrial diversification in Norrbotten but also positions the region as a hub for future hydrogen expansion driving regional growth.  

Illustration of all production facilities

Inside Power2Earth’s Production Facilities

Power2Earth's industrial configuration for fossil-free mineral fertiliser production consists of three interconnected production components: a large-scale fossil free ammonia and fertiliser plant based in Luleå, a cutting-edge hydrogen production plant, and a hydrogen pipeline infrastructure interlinking the latter two.

Fossil-free Fertiliser and Ammonia Plant 

Establishing a cutting-edge facility in Luleå for large-scale fossil-free mineral fertiliser and ammonia production, Power2Earth utilises 100% renewable electricity and raw materials. Based on electrolysis technology, the plant will use only water and air as raw materials and will be powered by renewable energy from wind and hydroelectric sources available in northern Sweden. 

Illustration of fossil-free Fertiliser and Ammonia Plant
Illustration of the Hydrogen Plant

The Hydrogen Plant

Supplying the Luleå plants’ production process with renewable-based hydrogen, Power2Earth introduces Sweden's first major hydrogen production plant to supply the essential raw material for the ammonia and mineral fertiliser production in Luleå. Operating free from fossil fuels, the hydrogen needed to make ammonia will come from water using electrolysis technology based on 100% renewable electricity sources.

The Hydrogen Pipeline

Connecting the hydrogen production plant to the ammonia and fertiliser plant in Luleå, Power2Earth's industrial set-up encompasses an underground hydrogen pipeline. This is a crucial component to facilitate transportation of hydrogen from the hydrogen plant to the Luleå facility. This pipeline represents a significant leap forward in establishing an integrated hydrogen infrastructure in the Norrbotten region.

Illustration of all Hydrogen Pipeline

The Founding Companies Behind Power2Earth

Power2Earth is formed by a joint venture between Fertiberia, Nordion Energi and the Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen. Together, the joint partnership leverages Fertiberia’s vast expertise in green fertiliser and ammonia production and Nordion Energi’s knowledge in hydrogen infrastructure construction. The collaboration also harnesses Lantmännen’s leading role as an agricultural cooperative in Northern Europe committed to increase crop yields while at the same time reduce impact on climate and environment.

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