About Power2Earth

In a solid industrial partnership, Fertiberia, Lantmännen and Nordion Energi come together forming Power2Earth – a pioneering initiative set to transform Sweden’s agricultural sector and industrial practices.

Our joint vision behind Power2Earth

Together, Fertiberia, Lantmännen, and Nordion Energi form the bedrock of Power2Earth—a testament to Sweden's unwavering dedication to decarbonising the agricultural sector, strengthening food security, and fostering regional industrial development in Norrbotten. Join us as we pioneer change and accelerate the green transition, forging a path towards a more resilient, self-sufficient, and greener Sweden.

The Three Companies Behind Power2Earth

Fertiberia, Lantmännen, and Nordion Energi are the three leading companies behind Power2Earth. With a shared vision of sustainability and innovation, we have come together to revolutionise the production of green fertiliser for the Swedish market.

Fertiberia, a consortium of 13 leading companies across Europe, with over 1,600 professionals, is a frontrunner in crop nutrition and industry. Pioneering the production of green hydrogen and ammonia, Fertiberia is driving decarbonisation in agriculture, industry, and transport within the EU. As the first in its sector, Fertiberia commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2035, demonstrating a dedication to environmental leadership. Owned by Triton Partners, a value-focused investor in the European mid-market, Fertiberia contributes to sustainable and profitable business practices.

With an impressive agricultural acumen and a profound understanding of Sweden's farming landscape, Lantmännen is a cornerstone in Power2Earth's strategic alliance. Lantmännen is an agriculture cooperative owned by 18 000 Swedish farmers and a leading player  in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products in Nothern Europe. From its core farming business, through the value chain from field to fork, Lantmännen is involved in every step from sowing to harvesting; to food on our tables, feed for our livestock and climate -smart biofuels.

Nordion Energi specialises in energy infrastructure. We are the Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) for the Swedish gas network.  Our vision is to expand the country’s gas grid in order to use biogas and hydrogen – together with other energy sources – to secure the energy supply and contribute to the climate transition. As a driving force in Sweden’s hydrogen infrastructure development, Nordion Energi brings essential knowledge to the joint venture of Power2Earth.

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