Revolutionising Agriculture With Renewable Power And Sustainable Innovation In Sweden

Cultivating a Fossil-Free Future

Power2Earth, a visionary collaboration between Fertiberia, Lantmännen, and Nordion Energi is set to establish Sweden’s first fossil-free ammonia and mineral fertiliser plant in Luleå. This strategic alliance behind Power2Earth leverages the unique expertise of each partner – from Fertiberia’s vast experience and leadership in the European fertiliser industry to Lantmännen’s agricultural acumen and Nordion Energi’s excellence in building hydrogen infrastructure. Commencing production in 2028, Power2Earth signifies Sweden's pledge to curbing emissions in agriculture, strengthening food supply chains, and propel regional development in Norrbotten.

Securing Sweden’s Food Supply Chain And Self-Sufficiency 

Power2Earth aims to produce 1,000,000 tons of fossil-free mineral fertilisers annually, enhancing Sweden's self-sufficiency and food security while reducing reliance on fertiliser imports.

Accelerating The Green Transition In The Agricultural Sector

Power2Earth is transforming Swedish agriculture by replacing fossil-energy produced mineral fertilisers with a fossil-free hydrogen-based alternative, aligning with Sweden’s climate goals. This shift significantly reduces green house gas emissions, marking a fundamental change in agricultural practices.  

Driving Regional Growth And Industrial Diversification

Power2Earth is a catalyst for Norrbotten's economic diversification, introducing fossil-free fertiliser production technology and pioneering Sweden's hydrogen infrastructure fueling sustainable regional development.

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From Power To Earth

Explore The Entire Journey, From Start To Finish

Discover the 'From Power to Earth' journey. Our 100% renewable-powered facilities pioneers large-scale fossil-free fertiliser and ammonia production, including the establishment of a cutting-edge hydrogen production plant. This transformative process revolutionises farming practices in the agricultural sector by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

1. Fuelled by renewable energy sources

Power2Earth will be powered by 100% renewable energy from wind and hydroelectric sources available in northern Sweden and aims for the lowest possible emissions and carbon footprint.

2. Hydrogen production

Power2Earth introduces Sweden's first major hydrogen production plant to supply the essential raw material for the fossil-free ammonia and mineral fertiliser production. Operating entirely free from fossil fuels, the hydrogen required for ammonia production will be derived from water through cutting-edge electrolysis technology.

3. Hydrogen pipeline

Connecting the hydrogen production plant to the ammonia and mineral fertiliser plant, Power2Earth’s industrial infrastructure includes an underground hydrogen pipeline to facilitate hydrogen transportation.

4. Fossil-free fertiliser and ammonia production plant

In Luleå, Power2Earth pioneers a state-of-the-art facility for large-scale fossil-free mineral fertiliser and ammonia production. By using renewable-based hydrogen , powered by renewable energy sources, our operations exclusively utilise 100% renewable electricity and raw materials.

5. Low-carbon fertilisers transform farming and cultivation

As farmers incorporate our fossil-free mineral fertilisers in their cultivation methods, they embrace a paradigm shift in agricultural practices, fostering robust plant growth and yielding nutrient-rich crops.

The Founding Companies Behind Power2Earth

Power2Earth is formed by a joint venture between Fertiberia, Nordion Energi and the Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen. Together, the joint partnership leverages Fertiberia’s vast expertise in green fertiliser and ammonia production and Nordion Energi’s knowledge in hydrogen infrastructure construction. The collaboration also harnesses Lantmännen’s leading role as an agricultural cooperative in Northern Europe committed to increase crop yields while at the same time reduce impact on climate and environment.

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